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ASPO Zuid-Afrika
Aspo sa - peak oil in south africa

Association for the study of peak oil and gas (aspo-usa) is a nonpartisan, proactive effort to encourage prudent energy management, constructive community transformation, and cooperative initiatives during an era of depleting petroleum resources.

ASPO Canada
Aspo canada, the association for the study of peak oil and gas.

Hubbert Centre
Hubbert center is dedicated to assembling and disseminating global petroleum supply data


Power Switch
Power Switch

Peakoil DL
Peak of oil: peak oil bedeutet ölkrise: das ende billigen erdöls und das ende einer ära : eine zeitenwende.

Peak Oil Action
Dedicated to raising awareness about peak oil and the coming decline in oil production, the consequences of this decline and the actions that can be taken. was first launched by an awareness group out of santa monica california - today the site lives on in an effort to further ...

Stichting Peakoil Nederland
Stichting Peakoil Nederland

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